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ООО «Eco-Technics Consulting»

Promotion of environmentally safe technologies and equipment

The impact of scientific and industrial attainment is gradually transforming the ecosphere into a new state – a mind sphere or a noosphere. Reasonable human agency and balanced interaction between the nature and the society have to become the deciding factor.

                                                                                                                                                                                        “The Common Notion of the Biosphere”, by V.I. Vernadskiy.



Eco-Technics Consulting Ltd. has been representing the Swiss company “Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd.” in the territory of the CIS countries since 2000.

Eco-Technics Consulting Ltd. is striving to promote modern technologies on the market of Russia and the CIS countries since the “Bertrams” technologies have an important environmental significance for oil and gas industry enterprises. A caustic concentration KBS plant, settled by “Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd.”, has been successfully on-stream for 20 years at the Volgogradsky AO “Caustic”.

“Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd.” distributes its work on the engineering and construction of alkalies concentration and sulphuric acid regeneration plants in many countries, owning branches in China and India and numerous representative offices worldwide.

More than 40 experienced experts work at the headquarters in Muttents near Basel, Switzerland.

Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd. прочные связи с рынками, которые обслуживает и имеет высокопрофессиональный штат опытных инженеров и технологов.

The synchronized teamwork of all of the departments is half the battle of the projects’ concept, as well as of the effectiveness of the processing plants built for the repletion of the customers’ wants.