Promotion and implementation of modern technological solutions and equipment in the field of industrial ecology

We integrate the logistical support, as well as engineering, production, and logistics capabilities of our partners to solve your project challenges by providing concluding direct contracts with our partners


Our activities

By integrating the capabilities of our international partners, we can help you find the most effective technology solutions for your production needs at all stages of the technology and equipment supply chain.


Engineering solutions in the field of chlorine industry: Evaporation and concentration of alkalis (NaOH, KOH) Regeneration of spent sulfuric acid (H2SO4)


Industrial centrifugal pumps according to API 610 standard


Steel and composite pipes and their fittings for various applications


Industrial shut-off valves manufactured by DBV Valve Co Ltd.


Refractory products and process solutions


Comprehensive engineering solutions for the treatment of industrial gaseous emissions, liquid effluents and solid waste, including incineration and regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO)

Consulting in industrial ecology

Industrial ecology is based on the concept of "waste-free technology", providing for the cycling of material flows, which is realized in nature.

Our company will help you choose options for optimally effective technological solutions for your production tasks at all stages:

  • Implementation of the concept of waste-free technologies (closed cycle)
  • Implementation of the best effective solutions at the design stage
  • Preparation and analysis of technical specifications, technical and commercial proposal (TP)
  • Organization of meetings and negotiations for a detailed analysis of technical tasks
  • Analysis of environmental and technological risks in the complex. Identification, classification and registration of environmental aspects.
  • Production audit
  • Assistance in the coordination of working documentation
  • Analysis of the quality assurance program, control of the production cycle, participation in factory tests
  • Translation and preparation of technical and operational documentation
  • Assistance in certification/declaration
  • Monitoring of operation and supply of spare parts, modernization

Consulting in the field of Research and Marketing

We offer an expert methodology of UX research that meets the current challenges of modern business.

Our UX and CX studies allow us to look at a product or service in new paradigms through the eyes of the user, regardless of their environmental component.

In modern business, companies that broadcast corporate values through product optimization need systematic monitoring of user experience, trends and industry standards, taking into account the environmental component and IT capabilities.

To modernize your product/services, you need an expert view and analysis in the style of your corporate culture.

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