Promotion of environmentally safe
technologies and equipment

Promotion and implementation of modern technological solutions and equipment in the field of industrial ecology

We integrate the logistical support, as well as engineering, production, and logistics capabilities of our partners to solve your project challenges by providing concluding direct contracts with our partners

Our activities

By integrating the capabilities of our international partners, we can help you find the most effective technology solutions for your production needs at all stages of the technology and equipment supply chain.


Equipment for transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals and liquefied gases


Centrifugal pumps according to API standard


Industrial centrifugal-type compressors


Two-screw pumps


Industrial valves made by DBV


Engineering solutions for the alkali-chlorine industry


Recycling of harmful emissions, gas purification, TO, RTO, solid, liquid and gaseous wastes


Equipment for the mining industry


Industrial fans and air blowers


Technologies and equipment for anode manufacturing in the aluminum industry


Refractory products and process solutions


Design and manufacturing of rotary calcination kilns and baking furnaces


Fully integrated solutions for rock crushing, crushing equipment and mills


UX-research / СX-research

We offer an expert methodology for UX-research that meets the current challenges of modern-day business.
Our UX- and CX-research allows an insight into a product or service in terms of new paradigms through the eyes of the user, without separation from its environmental component.
In modern-day business, companies that support corporate values through product optimization need systematic monitoring of user experience, trends and industry standards, taking into account the environmental component and IT capabilities.
Redeveloping your products/services requires expert reviews and analysis in line with your corporate culture.

Our clients